Thai Massage Training Course in Thailand

Learn Authentic Thai Massage Techniques from a Real Thai Master, direct and in person. NEXT DATE: Nov 2024.

Chris Arscott

We are proud to offer a full practical and theoretical professional training in the art of Traditional Thai Massage, whilst releasing yourself into the paradise that is Northern Thailand, for a fully immersive 10 day retreat.

This is a Diploma Course, accredited by The Thai Healing AllianceFully insurable to practice in the UK, with Balens, Towergate, BGi etc, if you have an A&P Level 3 qualification. (If you don’t have such, please let us know and we can direct you on how to attain to be able to practice legally.)

Our training demands small groups with lots of 1-on-1 assistance (group classes with other schools may seem slightly cheaper but you will be with 20-30 other students, with very little interest taken in your own personal ability and competence – so please bear that in mind!)

Some of the things you will learn:

-Thai mobilization of all the joints,
-How to treat energy meridian lines,
-Progressive stretching techniques and gain confidence with anatomical limitations,
-Several forms of Thai palpation and touch including; cross-fibre strokes, compressions, use of thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet, Jap-Sen NMT.
-Optimal body mechanics that make the work easy and flowing as a practitioner ,
-Techniques for breathing and meditation that enhance the effects of Thai bodywork.

-How to integrate Thai Massage into Chris’s fusion Bodywork Style, known as ‘Meridian Massage’.

There are no pre-requisites or qualifications needed to attend, you can be a complete beginner and start right here. However, if you already have UK Massage qualifications at any level, you will be able to take the advanced techniques we teach you and flourish, as once you gain the skills needed, you will certainly be able to take your practice to the next level. The course is also suitable for Soft Tissue Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists – as being very hands-on, there are new palpation and handling skills to learn, no matter the background. Chris will be able to converse and blend the rationale of the teachings to a high level of A&P at western degree standard. We create an inclusive, positive and caring teaching environment where everyone feels included and valued.


We teach in Chiang Mai, the paradise of Northern Thailand

Chiang Mai is known as the land of misty mountains and colourful hill tribes. Located 435 miles north of Bangkok in a small valley on the banks of the Ping River, Chiang Mai was founded in 1296, and was once the capital of the ancient Lanna Kingdom. It is quiet and picturesque but you will find all you need for city and rural living.

We stay at a boutique resort hotel enriched with a Northern Thai architecture and interior furnishings, located in the foothills of the mountains of the eastern part of Chiang Mai Province. What better place to immerse ourselves in Thai Massage? but this serene, tranquil countryside resort destination surrounded by nature. This really is the ideal setting for us to switch off from the distractions, stresses and traps of Western living and devote complete presence to studying this ancient Bodywork.


We believe it best you learn Authentic Thai Techniques from a Real Thai Master, direct and in person (Just as Chris did over 15 years ago). This is better than getting the westernised watered down version (take it from our own experience) which gets called Thai Yoga Massage, all very nice i’m sure, but to be the best you can possibly be when serving your patients or clients, then you need to follow the proven path, and that starts with a direct teaching from Thai Massage Masters. Being a highly successful therapist for almost 20 years, Chris has proven Clinical results for blending Eastern and Western Philosophy and techniques, combining Thai-pseudo-folk science and Western scientific, evidence based practices – and you can follow the same path, as we guide you step by step.


Jack and Chris are the perfect combo of Eastern and Western Masters. With a combined experience of over 50 years, the knowledge, wisdom, techniques and healing facilitation you will develop from this total immersion training is unlike anything offered by a single modality or bodywork system.

Master Jack is a 3rd Generation Thai Massage Master, Son of the late Mama Lek, who became famous in Thailand for her unique ‘Nervetouch’ system. Having grown up in both his mother and grand-mothers shadows, he naturally learned Mama Lek’s Thai Massage system and when she died, he vowed to develop it further, taking inspiration from various other systems including Osteo-Thai. His system has taken him to teach Internationally, Jack is a very patient and talented teacher who makes it easy for you to learn his ancient Thai Bodywork system.

Chris Arscott, now based in the UK is the owner of the multi-award-winning ‘Meridian Massage & Bodywork’ Clinic in Southampton. Chris will be the much-needed bridge between UK to Thailand, acting as a very experienced guide and making you feel your time in Thailand is rewarding, comfortable and easy.  Having previously lived, worked and studied in Thailand for 15 years, Chris speaks fluent Thai, and not only understands the Thai Bodywork methodologies but has blended them into western Clinical Soft Tissue work and Sports Therapy. What you get is his very unique and very effective fusion style – which you too can embody.

The course is structured in such a way that Thai Massage techniques becomes the foundation, and we build from there, giving space and respect to each teacher, bother Eastern and Western. This way we have one teaching and one facilitating, so everyone gets lots of 1-on-1 and can be assessed for competence and understanding.  


We are firm believers in learning Authentically, that is; From genuine Thai Bodywork Masters, in the way that it was meant to be taught, traditionally.

We teach Beginner to Advanced Traditional Thai Massage (where some schools or systems teach basic and advanced levels 1-5 and then charge for a bunch of add on courses, we teach it all in one!)

Our course covers over 200 full body techniques, in all positions: Prone, Supine, Side Lying, Seated. Although each technique is taught separately, it is delivered in a way that can be utilized to flow as a seamless 1-3 hour full body treatment, including/omitting some of the moves as you wish or as we’ll also show you, using them individually in a Clinical setting.  There are photo manuals, descriptions and videos to help with your studies. 

With the foundation in Thai Massage laid, we progress to teach Chris’s Meridian Massage & Bodywork System: This style combines the Northern Thai modality, known locally as ‘Jap Sen’, which means ‘plucking the Sen lines’, an advanced Thai Neuro-muscular technique (NMT) which when combined with our East meets West philosophy has incredible patient outcomes in clinical and sporting settings. Learning these techniques alone will transform your massage and bodywork practice.

Table Thai Massage. Although we are firm believers in teaching authentically (from the floor) we will also showcase how to convert and transfer your newly leaned skills to a Western Massage Table setting, or you could consider having both mat and table in your clinic?

We will also showcase how to use the Thai seated back neck and shoulders techniques to give On-site or Chair Massage. Which has become popular in the west with office workers.

Learn Thai Foot Massage. We will teach you the flow of our Hybrid-Thai foot massage style. Using different mediums, we combine Chinese and American systems, Thai Foot techniques and Western Osteopathic mobilisations, that can then be offered as a unique standalone treatment in your own practice.

Abdominal Massage. Many days can be spent on teaching visceral manipulation alone (something planned for Meridian Massage & Bodywork System at Level 2) but we will give you a brief selection of Thai lymphatic and visceral techniques to give effective treatments.

Thai medicine module, Thai Herbal Ball Massage – we will show you how to prepare an array of Traditional Thai herbs to make and use herbal compress balls that can be used on patients.

Thai Scarf Massage. We will showcase and teach some advanced Thai techniques using a scarf or towel to aid in stretching, articulating and mobilizing joints.

Clinical Integration and Fusion of Eastern and Western techniques, with scenarios and case studies, giving you the ability to not only give relaxing treatments but confidence in Thai as a remedial therapy too.

TOTAL COURSE COST £2,950 per person                                                     

 (Pay in full in advance and receive £100 discount, £2850)                                      Further discounts available for 2 or more students booking together


Other payment options include:

Deposit £500 (non-refundable), Remainder paid Early Sept 2024


Finance Available: Deposit £500,                                                                       Then split the cost Pay in 3 installments ,   3 x monthly payments of £899



Lots of Massage! this is a majority practical training course, where students practice on each other.

48 Hours Thai Certificated Practical Teachings, delivered over days 1-5 and days 7-9.

12 Hours UK Certificated Workshop Teachings, delivered over days 1-5 and days 9-10.

Over 20 Hours of relevant Thai Massage CPD/CE training materials. Some of which is prerequisite reading prior to the practical course, the remainder is given as revision and refresher for home study.

All Training manuals and study guides

Airport Transfers to/from Chiang Mai Airport

10 Days Accommodation in Comfortable modern fittings and furnishings, each shared living unit comes complete with a living room, with the newest amenities, kitchenette and two bedrooms. Ideal for students to get to know each other and have the space to practice the days teachings further. Embrace a cosy and relaxing mood and tone surrounded by water features and fresh water ponds.

Standard Amenities include: 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, 2 LCD TV, Air-conditioning, Coffee & Tea set, Sofa, Dinner table, Dinnerware & Silverware, DVD player, Free Wi-Fi, Hairdryer, In room safety box, Kitchen pantry, Large balcony, Living room, Non – smoking (Balcony allowed), Shower, Slippers, Working desk, Free use of bicycles.)

For anyone who is a bit of a lone wolf, or would prefer their own Individual Superior double unit with lots of space to themselves, this is also available as an upgrade costing £340. The individual Superior Bungalows offer luxury yet cosy ambience, furnished in traditional northern Thai fittings. The rooms are fully equipped with two singles/double plush & comfortable bed, rich toilet amenities, comfy duvet and a lake view.

Superior Room Amenities include: Air-conditioning, Coffee & Tea set, DVD player, Free Wi-Fi, Hairdryer, In room safety box, Large balcony, Non – smoking (Balcony allowed), Shower, Slippers, Free use of bicycles)

We will provide 3 meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) Thai and Western options. Can be vegetarian/vegan as required. There is also an on-site Café/Bar/Swimming Pool which can be frequented as you please, and many local restaurants/eateries within 1 mile cycle/walk if you’d like to do your own thing in the evenings.

Day trips as a group (optional) Days 6 and 10. Waterfalls, Nature spots, Temples – all considered off-the-beaten track from years of living locally. These day trips are designed to help relax further and decompress from the learning environment and show some of the beauty of Chiang Mai.

If we have enough group interest, we may also arrange an evening trip for market shopping and exploration of the city and/or an in-house Spa Party with Hot Tub and Steam Sauna (all optional).


International Flights: to/from Bangkok approx. £650 (We can advise you on these and try and schedule with other students if possible)

Domestic Flights to/from Chiang Mai approx. £100 (We can advise you on these and try and schedule with other students if possible)

Purchase of Thai Floor Mat and Carry Bag £70 (optional) (Perfect souvenir to begin your own Thai Bodywork)

Purchase of Thai Herbs and Balms £10-30 (optional) (Things you won’t find anywhere else in the world)

Hire of Professional Photographer to take photos for your website/social media £30 (optional)


If you have the time, we recommend taking a day or two before and after the course to explore Chiang Mai further, but this is of course up-to you, and not included within our training fee.



Next available training dates will be   Nov 2024                                      

Come with an open heart and open mind, rest assured these teachings will take your Bodywork skills to the next level. This retreat is not something you just attend, it’s something you leave from.

To reserve your place on this limited place course, express your interest and  BOOK NOW. We will send you full course details and suggested travel details as well as details on how to make payment.