Price changes from 1st Jan 2022

We are always looking to continue to create and add value for money in our Massage & Bodywork services

Chris Arscott

As 2021 draws to a close we have taken a moment to reflect and review how things have been since reopening in April.
We have been working through an unstable time in which we have seen the cost of doing business has increased, this also includes things like our: rent, service fees, insurances, repairs, taxes and products, which we have absorbed as best we can until now.

We also plan to introduce other services in 2022 which will need to be at a higher price point, and so there is a need for a new flat rate for massage and bodywork services, to ensure we can continue to give the same continuing detailed level of care across all modalities.

…and so we have decided to raise our prices from 1st Jan 2022, which rest assured – is not a decision we have taken lightly.

First Appointments £65
Follow Up Appointments £55
Late/Urgent Appointments £85


All will continue as 45min sessions, although clients always receive over 60mins of total time spent on each treatment when you factor in the time of: 

  • Consultation and medical history review, 
  • Treatment planning, 
  • Previous notes review, 
  • Session note taking, 
  • Prescriptive exercise/rehab plan set up and review, 
  • Research into specialist conditions, 
  • Aftercare and advice.

Which is why we are still great value for money, even at a slightly increased rate.

Should a patient require multiple treatments for a longer term treatment plan, we can offer block booking incentives for 6, 12 or 24 sessions, please enquire on a case by case basis.

We are always looking to continue to create and add value for money in our Massage & Bodywork services by: 

  • Continuing to study the latest evidence-based practices and techniques that will benefit patient outcomes, 
  • Attending regular training courses to attain new skills or refresh old ones, 
  • Adding new modalities,
  • Using premium grade massage waxes, balms and lotions
  • Always considering improving general comfort throughout the treatment experience.

We appreciate your continued custom and look forward to working on you soon!

If you’re in the Southampton and Winchester area and you are considering a treatment, get in touch with the award winning experts at Meridian Massage & Bodywork or book a session online now!