Pre/Post-Op Cosmetic Surgery & Aftercare

We have devised a comprehensive Pre-Op and Post-Op after care treatment plan, suitable for all patients undergoing plastic surgery or people in need of lymphatic drainage massage in Southampton.

Chris Arscott

The majority of recent clients that come to have lymphatic drainage massage, have been referred by a GP or surgeon before and after cosmetic surgery operations, especially liposuction’s and BBL’s. We call this pre-op and post-op massage. Lymphatic Drainage Massage promotes detoxification, reduces the fluid retention and oedemas, accelerates healing and minimizes the pain, bruising and scarring. Done correctly, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a necessary complement to your cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, any good surgeon worth his salt should say the same.



It is recommended that you have 2-4 treatments prior to surgery; ideally the 1-2 weeks and then 1-2 days before surgery. The increase in lymphatic flow facilitates the healing process by priming the nodes and clearing out the body’s fluids and cellular debris, cleansing future incision sites making ready to operate and keeping free from infection. A firmer, drained skin is also preferable to a surgeon when making incisions, it helps keep them even and scars heal neater after. Our Pre-Op care includes looking at your bodies alignment and adjusting and treating where necessary so you get the closest symmetry and optimal outcome from the surgery.  This Pre-Op care is often over-looked, even by those clients who have done lots of research prior to their surgery, as some doctors may be keen to just take your money. But if your spending £5,000 or even £20,000 surely you’d want the best chance of straighter scars, even hips and breasts and that perfect result your hoping for? Even if you’re planning on having your surgery abroad, then do get in touch for a chat beforehand, so we can be part of your Pre-op preparations and aftercare.


At least 4-6 treatments are also recommended post-op, which can start 24-hours after surgery (with surgeons approval), and is ideal at this time as depending on which surgery you have – but you may still have ‘drains/tubes’ in your abdomen and groin which we can use to give you a more hi-definition look Post-Op. If you opt for surgery abroad, then we can start just as soon as your fit to fly and return home again. The surgeries incisions can damage the lymph vessels, which can depress the function of the lymphatic system. It takes about 2 weeks for these vessels to start to regenerate naturally, so in this case, MLD is used to stimulate the temporary rerouting of lymph to functional vessels and nodes and reduce the swelling, pain, bruising or chance of seromas and fibrosis. 

To get the best results from a procedure and see visible results, recover quicker – Lymphatic Drainage Massage is really a no-brainer.  Why would you not want the best aftercare following an expensive cosmetic surgery? MLD is proven to aid in healing and the successful outcome following many types of cosmetic procedures.

Procedures that Lymphatic Drainage Massage can help with:

·        Abdominoplasty (tummy tucks, full or mini, Mummy Makeovers)

·        Fat re-modelling and BBL (Brazilian butt lifts)

·        Liposuction / Vaser Lipo / 360

·        Breast augmentations or reductions

·        Breast reconstructions / Lollipop/ Anchor Lifts

·        Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

·        Facelifts

·        Forehead/brow lifts

·        Limb Amputation

 If you have multiple procedures simultaneously (liposuction, tummy tuck, lifts and re-modelling, mummy makeover etc), Lymphatic Drainage Massage will be even more necessary to address swelling and associated tissue hardness. Discomfort, swelling and bruising are common after these procedures and the flow of lymph can be seriously compromised by surgery, which can result in pockets of fluid, seromas, fibrosis, dimpled/uneven skin, scar tissue along with the general soreness and bruising you may feel in your stomach, buttocks and thighs.

Choosing to have cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. Putting time into researching the best surgeons and clinics is arduous enough, but did you consider the Pre-op alignment and Post-op after care? Who can help with swelling, bruising, muscle imbalances and scar tissue that risks all the benefits of the surgery you just received? 

We are here to help your healing, with a very gentle and experienced touch

We have devised a comprehensive Pre-op alignment and Post-op after care treatment plan, suitable for all clients in need of lymphatic drainage massage.

Suggested Pre-Post Op Care Package   

Could Include:

In depth Consultation and Health Questionnaire (with optional before and after photos throughout the process and circumference measurements) followed by heaps of useful aftercare advise

Pre-Op: Minimal 2 sessions (45/90 mins each) of Tailored Remedial Massage and alignment, followed by Pre-Op preparatory Massage 

Post-Op: Minimal 6 sessions (45mins each) of Lymphatic Drainage Massage, in this critical recovery phase. 

You can then continue your aftercare package ad-hoc as long as you like– for optimal results and fine tuning.

Once your Lymph system has fully recovered, and your feeling less sore, say a month after surgery, we can also test to see if your ready to progress onto the next phase of treatment – smoothing out the lumps and bumps, breaking down of scar tissue, soft tissue manipulation/wood therapy, treating muscle imbalances, postural alignment and skin toning and contouring. 


If you’re in the Southampton area and you are researching a cosmetic surgery and considering Lymphatic Drainage Massage, get in touch with the experts at Meridian Massage and book a consultation or call us for a friendly chat.