Meridian Massage & Bodywork

Meridian Massage & Bodywork in Southampton is the continuing work of:

Chris Arscott 

and associate therapists. 


At Meridian Massage & Bodywork Southampton, our clinical approach provides you with individual, specific therapy. There are many treatment types and styles but that doesn’t mean that it would be appropriate to use (and we would never impose) them all on every client from the start.

In our bodywork sessions we try to create an open, honest and collaborative space where we listen to and validate your concerns. Using this information, some body reading, our intuition and our experience, we identify the options for suitable treatment and techniques to create the desired healing results.

thai_massage_southampton_meridian_massage_foot_asian_stretch_massage_southampton_meridian_massage_osteopathic_osteopathy_physiotherapy_physiotherapist_physio_chiro_chiropractic_chiropractor_tattooWe do our very best to meet or exceed expectations, however what we do isn’t an exact art or precise science… there is therefore sometimes an element of trialling different approaches including some uncertainty about a treatment or technique success. This is why we approach the clinical application of massage therapy and client bodywork through an evidence-based framework for pain science, where we assess, treat, then reassess to reassure you that you often aren’t as broken as you may think or feel you are. We encourage self-efficacy, and view our services as self-supportive management, supporting you with a plan for rehabilitation to enable you to get back to being your active functional self.

We use a combined approach: Chiropractic / Osteopathic Spinal Adjustments blended with many modalities of Massage, in predominantly what we call ‘Clinical Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy’.

Having been told in his teens that he had a natural gift, Chris began Holistic, Sports Therapy and Osteopathic studies and qualified in 2003.

From a very young age, he had always been drawn to Asian culture, so knew instantly that he was destined to further his knowledge and training with traditional Asian bodywork and manipulation techniques.  Chris roamed South East Asia and eventually settled in Northern Thailand to study Traditional Thai Massage at the prestigious TMC School. He was blessed enough to train in ancient Thai techniques perfected by the late Mama Lek and her legendary Nervetouch system, and followed on to study Osteo-Thai. From there he was one of the lucky few that studied Meridians and Acupuncture at Mungkala Chinese Medicine Centre, various systems of Tok Sen (Hammer Therapy) and became the embodiment of healthy-vegan living, staying in a bamboo hut within a remote Buddhist temple built beside a jungle waterfall and dabbling in Shamanic rituals.

Chris made Thailand his home, and spent 15 years living and working there, regularly performing extensive bodywork on athletes; Muay Thai Kickboxers, Bodybuilders, MMA fighters and of course gym goers, of all body types, young and old. His experience includes patients who required treatment for post-operative cosmetic surgery abroad.

In 2019, Chris returned to reconnect with the UK, to write the next chapter of his journey, after what felt like a lifetime of being away. He completed further qualifications as a Personal Trainer, degree level qualifications in Soft Tissue Therapy, IASTM, Advanced Myofascial techniques, and continued to study Chiropractic in both mechanistic and vitalistic forms. 

In 2020, Chris and Meridian Massage & Bodywork won Massage Specialists of the year (Prestige Awards, South England 2020/2021), for his specialised on-going work with Post-Op Cosmetic Surgery & Lymphatic Drainage clients, as well as pioneering use of ‘plant medicine’s’ in massage treatments and blending Eastern modalities within a western approach to Clinical remedial massage.

Multi-award-winning-therapist-chris-arscottIn 2022 and then again in 2023, Chris and Meridian Massage & Bodywork became a Multi-Award Winning clinic, taking the title of Massage Therapist of Year (Prestige Awards, South England 2021/2022 and then again 2022/2023). 

Futhermore, in Dec 2023, Meridian Massage & Bodywork were awarded the ‘Massage Specialist 2023/2024 Winners – Best of The Best Awards’ – a national level award pitting other multi-award-winners against one another within the Health, Beauty & Fitness industry to decide who is ultimately ‘The Best of the Best’.

natasha-slater-associate-therapistNatasha Slater MISRM Dip. OMT SM.
Specialises in Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy.

Being a competitive dancer since the age of 6, she obtained various injuries which required her to be aware of her bodies limitations and seek the knowledge of multiple skilled professionals to help keep her in the sport to this day. This is where the interest in becoming a therapist herself developed.

She has worked locally as a therapist for the last 6 years specialising in treating musculoskeletal and sports injuries within the care sector aswell as her local running club and dancing community.

Through her work, she has already grown a loyal following who have benefited from her approach to body maintenance and her support in women’s health, with the hope to guide women through their individual journey after experiencing (first hand) complications after hysterectomy/ injuries due to child birthing complications.

Meridian Massage & Bodywork-Prestige-awards-2023

Spinal Adjustment & Massage in Southampton - with over 20 years experience