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 £50 – Our 5 Year Anniversary Special Offer

New Patient Consultation
(Usually £100)

Celebrating Our 5 Year Anniversary

£50 New Patient Consultation For Massage & Adjustments

Celebrating Our 5 Year Anniversary. Enjoy 50% off.

At Meridian Massage & Bodywork in Southampton, everyone begins in the same way, with a New Patient Experience split into two sections but combined in a single appointment designed to find out exactly what is going on, and help us give you the best care possible.

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, enjoy 50% off, saving £50! (usually £100)


First Appointment / Exam

We’ll start by collecting some key information about your health history to build a fuller picture. Then:

We take the time to listen, then understand how your body works and envision how we can best help you.

Choose Your Treatment Option

Following your consultation / exam, choose your treatment from one of three ways:

You can continue to book as an existing patient following this appointment.

Spinal Adjustments & Remedial Soft Tissue Bodywork in Southampton


Got an injury? or Need something specific worked on?

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